The range – Vine Guards


A tabbed vine guard has a series of locating tabs down one corner enabling assembly and disassembly when required. The opening of the guard can assist if vines require inspection, pruning etc. Guards can also be removed and re applied over time.

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  • UV Stabilised Polypropylene; engineered for Australian conditions
  • Easy installation
  • Protects against Herbicides, Sandblasting, Soil erosion and Vermin
  • Rigid sturdy construction
  • RE-useable and fully recyclable
  • Accelerates growth for faster and better yields.


  • Triangular and Square Guard design
  • Tab locks or seam welded
  • Colour range
  • Printing available.

Size Chart

Triangular Guard Design Square Guard Design
100mm x 100mm x 500mm Tab self-lock
80mm x 80mm x 450mm Tab self-lock
80mm x 80mm x 900mm Tab self-lock
80mm x 80mm x 1000mm Tab self-lock
80mm x 80mm x 1100mm Tab self-lock
80mm x 80mm x 1200mm Tab self-lock
72mm x 72mm x 600mm Tab self-lock
90mm x 90mm x 600mm Welded
100mm x 100mm x 300mm Welded
150mm x 150mm x 450mm Welded

Vine Guards for Sale Australia | Corflute Plastic Vine GuardsOther sizes & design available on application.